I'll Make You Famous…




Kate Upton Breast Feeding for Woman’s Day of the Day

Along with her titty pics she posted:

“A world without sexism would be a world where hard work, merit and qualifications are put before gender. True partnerships would be present rather than the constrictions of traditional roles. Instead of being put in a box, everyone is on an even playing field and therefore benefits. This is the world in which I want my daughter to thrive.”

Which translates to:

Use your tits to get noticed…..


Thank God my Grandpa invented Whirlpool and the modern washing machine, that shit keeps paying, and allowed my family to hire a PR team to showcase my tits.

Basically Kate Upton is just tits…mom tits….but still tits…and will always be tits.

And no better way to celebrate Woman’s Day…than tits.

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