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Kelli Berglund Disney Nipples of the Day

Kelli Berglund Naked

Kelli Berglund is some Disney Kid who is in some sexually charged new show about kids in LA being young perverts….where gay sex happens, and condoms are part of the storyline, while Kelli Berglund is on webcam letting dudes jerk off to her feed.

I actually watched it last night, not knowing what it was, but having access to a streaming platform that played it….

I saw it was created by Gregg Araki, some queer film maker who made a movie I watched back in 1996, when I was still younger and thought…oh Hollywood is moving in the right direction, they are making demented and hilarious movies like Doom Generation where some Keanu Reeves motherfucker gets his dick cut off, while Rose McGowan shows off her legendary tits…

It was one of those moments of inspiration, when I was understanding that not all movies had to be hollywood shit, and that other weirdos were out there.

Now I never went on to write twisted and demented movies, I haven’t even written porn movies, even if that was more the direction life took me…I decided to instead write a website no one reads….choices of failure are my favorite choices because success is terrifying when you’re comfy in your shitty life…not to say I’d be successful but most people in hollywood, making garbage still live in nice homes and go to luxurious places…cuz Hollywood is a scam that overpays idiots…

While Gregg went on to produce / write and direct the future in Youth Television with a more real grasp on how perverted it is…

All whilst Kelli Berglund has her tits out….exciting for those of you who watched her on Disney, which is unfortunately probably a lot of you. Sick Fucks.

Kelli Berglund NakedKelli Berglund Naked

Kelli Berglund NakedKelli Berglund Naked


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