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Sky Ferreira Naked for TV of the Day

Sky Ferreira Nipples Naked Lords Of Chaos 1

Sky Ferreira finally got a job on Lords of Chaos…

Sky Ferreira has some shitty fucking tits….and a shitty fucking ass…that she’s so willing to show off on the TV show she is part of…because girls are all exhibitionist sluts.

Sky Ferreira who you’ve probably never heard of, grew up with Michael Jackson, they were family friends and since she wasn’t a little boy he didn’t rape her.

She used to follow and interact with me on social media, TWITTER, a long time ago…then she got a record deal…a long time ago…and unfollowed me/ blocked me. Nice girl…the kind of opportunist slut who I hope doesn’t hit big with her nudity in movies…and that I hope backfires even though nudity is great…..empowering feminists everywhere.

I don’t think her pop career really went anywhere, but it’s nice to see it’s come to this attention seeking hustle…even if the tits aren’t nice.

But she’s got close to a million followers on her shit and she is only 26 years old…she will probably do a lot more titty content over the next decade and I am prepared to stare at her mom-like tits.


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