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Sky Ferreira Naked for TV of the Day

Sky Ferreira Nipples Naked Lords Of Chaos 1

Sky Ferreira finally got a job on Lords of Chaos…

Sky Ferreira has some shitty fucking tits….and a shitty fucking ass…that she’s so willing to show off on the TV show she is part of…because girls are all exhibitionist sluts.

Sky Ferreira who you’ve probably never heard of, grew up with Michael Jackson, they were family friends and since she wasn’t a little boy he didn’t rape her.

She used to follow and interact with me on social media, TWITTER, a long time ago…then she got a record deal…a long time ago…and unfollowed me/ blocked me. Nice girl…the kind of opportunist slut who I hope doesn’t hit big with her nudity in movies…and that I hope backfires even though nudity is great…..empowering feminists everywhere.

I don’t think her pop career really went anywhere, but it’s nice to see it’s come to this attention seeking hustle…even if the tits aren’t nice.

But she’s got close to a million followers on her shit and she is only 26 years old…she will probably do a lot more titty content over the next decade and I am prepared to stare at her mom-like tits.


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Sky Ferreira Titties for her Album Cover of the Day

It’s always fun posting shitty tits of people who used to be your internet friend, back when they were sucking up to you…hoping for exposure, before landing a record deal and getting all the exposure needed…from being arrested to being a train wreck LA rich girl…to being some fashion forward musical icon who I think sucks…but mainly out of bitterness that she left me behind on her rise to the fucking top…which was really the middle…but you get what I’m saying…and if you don’t it’s that these are her tits…for her new album cover…and they are not very 20 something looking…but they are still tits…how high concept and artistic…bullshit.

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Sky Ferreira Weird Nudes of the Day

Sky Ferreira is some rich kid brat who’s parents were friends with Michael Jackson or some shit…

She was thirsty for a long time, and even used to be my friend on twitter and Facebook, because I have this awesome site everyone reads…but then one day her family connections and Katy Perry got a record deal, propelling her from underage hipster in the LA hipster party, to some fashion muse with shitty music magazines wanted to talk about, and all of a sudden, silence…I never heard from her again…

I guess internet friendships aren’t real…

I hate to learn the hard way…

Here’s Sky showing what could be nipple, but what could also be a drawing of nipple, in some fucking artistic nude weirdness, that I’m posting for old times, back when she made me feel like I mattered in her life…when in reality all she was doing was looking’ for followers…

These are probably the hardest nudes you’ll masturbate to, if you find her hot enough to challenge yourself to masturbate to….which I am sure to some of you won’t be a challenge because you masturbate to way weirder shit…

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Sky Ferreira Tongue for Terry Richardson of the Day

I was friendly with Sky Ferreira before she had a record deal and was on this fashionable rise to the top and she was always a friend to the site….sure now that she’s getting famous and becoming an It girl she has no time for me…and sure I get mad and call her out for being a social climbing devil who has no time for me and who refuses to buy my soul…but that doesn’t mean that I can’t still love her and her young, non-naked body…even if I don’t love her attitude, music, or pretty much anything but her tongue…all blue and wet….reminding me that you don’t have to be naked to be pornographic enough to masturbate to.

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Sky Ferreira in her Underwear and Covered in Lipstick and Spider of the Day

Sky Ferreira used to be my internet homie….we’d talk often enough then something called a record deal happened and like all internet homies we had to part ways…not because I was against maintaining internet homie status, if anything now there was a reason to be internet homies, since she could link me to hot model pussy, instead of just talking to me about nonsense, but now it is official, she has become too cool for me by her standards, or maybe by her PR teams standards and that is so fucking weak…..she got more and more magazine covers, hung out with Katy Perry more and more often on her quest to being a popstar…..and figured lets delete Stepfather from Facebook and twitter like we never used to chat all the fucking time cuz he’s not respected or a wrung on my social climb. Weak….but typical…

That kind of behavior makes me hate a bitch….and luckily her shitty song gives me hope karma is around the corner for her….you know when her 5 fans turn on her for sucking….

Terry Richardson was hired to direct the video, her big move she’s probably proud of and she probably spent her entire budget on….and she’s in her underwear in it, not all that hot for a 20 year old, but then again I never found her hot, but she does have a spider crawling around her twat… something for you goth weirdos to appreciate….

I don’t know why I am posting this – but I’ll blame a broken heart.

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