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Kitrysha Got Nude of the Day

I like when girls get naked in photos, because it means I don’t have to leave the house to see naked girls. The fact is that even in person, seeing naked girls doesn’t mean I am getting laid, I am not that rich, so seeing them naked works for me….I don’t need anymore….plus in pictures they are photoshopped and edited so that I can maintain my unrealistic expetactions for women…so that I can continue to be disappointed every time I leave the house and I see what a bitch actual looks like…it’s better for all of us to keep our existence and interaction on the internet…

That said, I don’t find getting nude on the internet a brave thing, it’s clickbait and all bitches are attention seekers who like being clickbait. I don’t find it empowering…but I will say that I do, or that this is just that, to inspire more girls too insecure to get naked for all to see, to just get naked for all to see…cuz I want to see them naked.

This is Kitrysha.

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