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Chanel West Coast Nipple Slip of the Day

Chanel West Coast Nipple Slip

Chanel West Coast took her busted face and cultural appropriating nipples to an event….

She’s some white girl gone wild, trying to be a rapper, ending up a secondary character on an MTV show back when MTV was just about to die, allowing her to have friends to use her and followers to wait for her to post slutty content..cuz that’s what she does.

Today she’s in some ill fitting top, clearly not custom made or designed to cover her massive nipple, but that was probably the look she was going for…the friendly…accidental looking intentional nip slip to get noticed…

Chanel Westcoast and her coaster sized nipple on her sloppy tit may be irrelevant in the grand scheme of things but are still tits and that’s something magical in an era of every bitch dying of breast cancer….right?

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