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Emma Roberts Bra and Panties of the Day

Emma Roberts Bra Panties

I don’t know why Emma Roberts is in her bra and panties….but I am a big fan of Emma Roberts….so I think it’s wonderful.

I don’t need thong and whore panties from instagram to appreciate a good half naked shoot.

I actually like a more subtle approach to being half naked.

It is more artistic.

I don’t know why I am a big fan of Emma Roberts…but it could be the entitled, dialled in, nepotism that just gets me excited…but it is probably more about her having a star of a father, who became a deadbeat degenerate drug addict after his academy award, before being a huge star in straight to DVD movies…you know living that Academy Award winning dream the last way you’d want to…leaving no time to tend to poor Emma…forcing her to fend for herself…eventually making it thanks to the right last name…but you know is ridden with daddy issues…rich and bratty and accomplished…the way I like it….now half naked.

Emma Roberts Bra Panties


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