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Jessica Clements Topless of the Day

Jessica Clements Topless for LOfficiel

Apparently Jessica Clements is a model…that’s the rumor, or what I’ve established whilst looking at her little black and white tits…

She must be important, because why else would a magazine have her strip down topless, to show dramatic and artistic vision in the form of black and white titty pics….

I mean girls aren’t showing their tits every fucking day on social media at all…everyday girls…it’s a fucking thing, making it impossible to decipher or distinguish the actual models from the low hanging fruit tits..

You know the struggle of trying to separate the premium tits, more valuable tits, the kind of tits the A-Listers get pregnant or cum all over…or pay the rent of…from the the tits just trying to be in that scene….from their shitty lives in the midwest because they haven’t saved enough patreon money to put a deposit on an LA apartment tits…

That’s about all I have to say about that.


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