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Lottie Moss Topless of the Day

Lottie Moss Topless

Lottie Moss taking after her fake sister Kate Moss and busting her tits out…

She’s one of those people who either adopt their famous friend or relative’s last name to give themselves more credibility, or she is in fact Kate Moss’ dad’s other daughter with a different mother, but either way, she has been milking her legendary sister’s success and celebrity for what must be her entire life, even though there’s a huge age difference and she’s likely only met Kate Moss a dozen or so times..

This is the kind of girl who is like “Do you know who my sister is”…every time she tries to get into a club or restaurant or some other high end and exclusive thing all these idiots are drawn to…

She is also the kind of girl who gets model work, just because of her last name, which is weird, and she may or may not be on a reality show…but she does spend time in the USA where I guess she’s trying to launch a more lucrative career of being Kate Moss’ sister.

Either way, her tits out is a good sign…of good things to come..because despite being Kate Moss’ sister, she’s got a bigger set of tits, which I guess is the one thing she’s got over Kate and that she is apparently into using.


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