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Kitrysha Naked of the Day

I don’t know about you, but I like when these girls who get naked on the internet don’t confuse us with having last names….

This is Kitrysha, who I guess probably feels like she’s got an interesting enough name to carry her into stardom from being naked on the internet..

Like she was a Beyonce, or a Cher, or a Prince…you know a performer…cuz none of these people like to think of themselves as a backpages sex worker…even backpages sex workers think they are more important that the gutter hooker they are…

Or maybe she’s just like every stripper or escort that I know who doesn’t want you to know her name, and has only developed a fake first name for her stripping career….because having a fake first name and a fake last name is too hard for them to process and it gets in the way of what they are good at….GETTING NAKED.

The best thing about this is the reminder that as long as humans exist, young chicks will get naked for us to look at, for free, or for and affordable price and I think that’s glorious.

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