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Marisa Papen Naked Again of the Day

Marisa Papen Naked

Marisa Papen is a known internet nude model, who has called herself an artist, and her art is getting nude in random places, because the nude body is not something we should punish, but rather celebrate, and I’m fully on board with that, because I like looking a naked chicks….

She’s taken her getting naked on the internet so seriously, that she has been arrested for getting naked in places, as she builds up her reputation and audience as a nude model…who likes shock value and scandal because more people notice her….and who travels around the world…BUSH out….for people to buy into whatever she is selling…

She is a chick, she likes getting naked, so she gets naked in public and gets a thrill out of it…nothing really new, these nude tactics have been going on forever…and in a time when everyong gets nude, you need to PAPEN yourself and step it up so that your nudes stand out amongst all the nudes…

Marisa Papen Naked


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