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Kate Hudson Fitness Erotica of the Day

Kate Hudson is some nasty mom bodied bitch doing a workout in white leggings to try to sell those leggings as she’s a huge shareholder in the fitness company she’s wearing…

Who knew Kate Hudson was the object of fitness, or someone who could sell fitness products to the ladies who like her as an actress…

I always saw her as some connected bitch, thanks to her mom and dad and stepdad, who never had to really do much to achieve what she’s achieved. She basically just got the parts Goldie was too old for…from friends of Goldie, cuz she’s Goldie..

I also saw her as some broke, Hollywood kid who filled her emptiness of having everything she wanted, including Daddy issues with a baby at a young age, on some teen mom shit.

But more importantly, as the DEVIL woman who pushed Owen Wilson…our friend…into Sucide attempts…because she is just that shitty…and apparently so is her “fitness” body…cuz bitch is a drunk.


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