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Miley Cyrus’ Nipple On Instagram Again of the Day

Miley Cyrus brought her nipple to instagram.

Surprisingly, a lot of people find her fucking ugly, but I happen to think is pretty hot. Mullet or not, I am sold on her hustle, even if it is calculated bullshit clickbait exhibitionism. I like the impact it has had on the people who grew up watching her. Nothing wrong with countless girls getting nude. I just hate her voice.

Well, she brought her tits back to instagram, in a carousel post, making it one of those “Scavenger hunt” style posts, on some “Where’s Waldo” level. You have to dig through her content to find the nipple BUT IT IS THERE.

I am sure it is not to avoid being deleted by instagram, she is Miley Cyrus and can do no wrong.

Plus she’s Disney Approved / created and I assume the evil and powerful empire that owns the entire MEDIA landscape, is probably one of Facebook’s biggest shareholders, so that they can control things….but Facebook / Instagram is so inconsistent with their TITTY policing, but we know they’d never dare delete a MILEY post, she’s too powerful of a star to not give “Carte Blanche” to….cuz when you’re rich and connected, you do whatever the fuck you want…and we should consider what she does amazing because she doesn’t need to put her tits out there on the regular, she’d sell out shows and make the money she makes without the tits. She does it for her own perv shit and I appreciate it.

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