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Irish Girls for St Patricks’s Day of the Day

Now that it is the end of the fucking world, or could be the end of the world, who knows what to believe, it’s easy to forget that St Patrick’s Day has happened or is happening…

I know that bars are closed where I am, you know because some Irish hating fuck decided to create this virus…Jeff Bazos I’m looking at you…to ruin all your drunken fun….

But I believe there is still one die hard fat chick who isn’t scared to get the virus out there like it was 15 years ago…knowing today is the day some pervert drunk guy will look past her digusting fatness and fuck her.

Unfortunately, I live in the past and remember a time when fat chicks knew they were fat chicks and didn’t think they were sex objects cuz dudes would fuck them while drunk, that’s all changed….and fat chicks think they are people too….but I still think somewhere out there is a fat lonely girl walking the streets hoping for her annual St Paddy’s lay.

You see, St Patrick’s Day seems to have attract the most disgusting beer drinking bitches around…..now that it is dead….are people really willing to give it up?

Apparently these whores aren’t….

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