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Cayley King Bikini of the Day

Cayley King Green Bikini

I don’t know who this fat girl in a bathing suit is, but after much research she’s apparently some bullshit instagram type model with the big tits, who probably knows the angles to divert the big everything else, as most girls do….because it looks like she’s pregant or a fat old man with his shorts up to his fucking neck….or a fat 45 year old mom who is on a CRUISE before COVID killed off the grandparents and CRUISE industry….ready to dabble in a bikini recommended by OPRAH for all mom body types…you know housewife shit.

She does not look like a hot young thing ready to take over the other hot young things of instagram…but it does look like a mommy blogger getting wild on quarantine…or at least a young thing ready to eat the food of all the other hot things…

Maybe it’s fat shaming, maybe that’s what you get when you post pics of your bikini over your fat ass belly.

KEEP IN MIND…this is FACETUNED / PHOTOSHOPPED and she STILL looks like a mom….you’re probably into that you fucking weirdo.

Cayley King Green Bikini


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