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Rihanna Bra and Panties of the Day

Rihanna Fenty Lingerie

Rihanna is pretty fucking BEEFY….she’s starting to look like a fertility statue…or just a fat chick who is now at risk of dying from COVID dude to underlying health issues that fat people are prone to.

I’ve always thought of her as thick, because she always had big legs and where there are big legs is oftentimes a big girl who is a few snacks and lazy months away from obesity.

I have never been to Barbados, but I’ve known people from Barbados and their moms and sisters are all fat as fuck. They like all that bad foods that causes the SUGAR…which is DIABETES in Patois I guess. SO I guess she’s following the path of her people….and owning it….at least enough to get into her lingerie as per her contract with her lingerie partners who probably make her more money than her music.

She hasn’t released music in a long time, hasn’t toured in a long time and why would she, she’s fucking rich.

I think that’s the best approach, rather than the J.Lo approach of “I can’t stop dancing like the cunt that I am”….because if you have all you need, what more do you fucking need you greedy fucking cunts…she makes millions a year not touring, so why the fuck tour…for the fans? These people don’t care about the fans, they care about the money….it’s SEX work man…sex work that I think go her the music career at 15 to begin with…but I have no proof of that…

Her tits are big but gross, her body big but gross, but when you’re Rihanna you’re not ashamed to pose like this, cuz that ego is bigger than her pantsize…

Fat is in, body positive so all these bitches starving themselves out can finally eat…

The fact this is Rihanna is funny, but bitches get old. It’s natures way of saying we shouldn’t waste our time trying to fuck them, they infertile, go for the fresher meat not the rotting meat found in the trash outside Walmart by Joe Exotic to feed his tigers.


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