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The Hottest Black Girls Because Black Lives Matter of the Day

Hot Black Girls Black Lives Matter

I want to say that I hate all people and when movements like this happen on social media…it reaffirms how fucking dumb the people of social media are…follower fucks.

I don’t hate hot women of any race, cree, gender (lol). If you are hot, we are all good. Even if you’re not that hot but I csam stare at your tits, we are all good. I’ve NEVER really thought anything of someone’s color even after I got mugged by 3 big black guys when I wad 15, because I am not a victim and they could have been white because I only hate people based on their behavior…those muggers were assholes, not cuz they were black but because they mugged me.

Apparently, they are saying it is racist to say that you aren’t racist…you have to see color to appreciate color but not judge by color despite giving preferential treatment for their color…..I didn’t do too much digging as to why, it was more a rolling of my eyes and moving on with my day…that luckily isn’t polluted with all this shit…because I don’t fuck around on social media….where all this brews.

Obviously, black lives matter and obviously the system is designed to be racist and obviously cops target black people and that’s some bullshit…but I find it weird that 3 black people die by cops daily and all of a sudden, after a pandemic, where the government stole your jobs, bailed out Wall Street, printed money….a cop mistreating a black guy causes this massive fucking uprising…when really ya’ll should be protesting the government for fucking you if you’re going to protest anything…

Protests always appeal to destructive people, who destroy the personal property of other people, who are probably fighting the same cause…because those protestors just like the rush of destruction.

I would assume that 99 percent of decent people, who were raised right, would say “that’s fucked up, cops shouldn’t do that to people”….and that most of us want justice for all…and that most of us aren’t racist…except maybe those on social media posting a black square to belittle a cause by making it about them and to reduce a systemic situation to a silly social media challenge, trend or meme that everyone is doing because they are in fact racist, self involved assholes…Fuck all of ya’ll…

Here are some hot black girls, cuz hot chicks is what matters and black girls are hot.

Hot Black Girls Black Lives Matter

Hot Black Girls Black Lives Matter

Hot Black Girls Black Lives Matter

Hot Black Girls Black Lives Matter


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