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Jojo Back in Her Bra and Panties of the Day

Jojo Lingerie Bra Panties

I think it’s important to cross reference these pics of JOJO with her tribute to her dad:

to those who didn’t have a father figure in their life, and to those of us who’s dads are no longer in physical form- I’m sending you a little extra love. these parental holidays can bring up a lot of feelings… if I’m being honest with myself, there has been a little pit in my stomach today. i wish I had more pictures with my dad. Toward the end of his life, he wasn’t in the best condition and we didn’t take many together, nor did we get to see much of each other.

NICE! Dead dad means DADDY issues!

He apparently died at 60 of drug related causes, or at least because of drug use that destroyed his heart.

DOUBLE NICE! Drug Addict Dad means DADDY issues!

I figure it’s safe to assume that any child star is fucked up on all levels, from having moms that are supposed to protect them, throwing them into a TERRIBLE perverted industry, putting them on stage at a young age for a massive amount of people, all in the name of GETTING fucking PAID. Do it for the money, the family, live that American dream built on INSANITY that isn’t really a fucking dream, but you think it is because the MEDIA rapes your mind like it was DANNY MASTERSON….

You get what I am saying here, if COVID quarantine has taught us anything, it’s that everything you’ve ever thought to be true is not true, and moving out on land like a Wild West Gold Prospector of the 1800s after the civil war, you know some real deal Homesteading that any Red Dead Redemption players will agree with, is the fucking answer…..grow your food, hunt your food, rely on your damn self to survive…simple…but confusing how a post about Jojo in her underwear for Rihanna like she was Rihanna’s idol growing up, so Rihanna’s giving her some shine on her comeback seeing as no one really gives a fuck about Jojo even with her big tits….so look at the pics!


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