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Dua Lipa Bikini Party of the Day

Dua Lipa Care Bear Bikini

Dua Lipa is some bullshit and not just because of her stupid fucking name, but because all her hype that generated from YOUTUBE….

I used to give her some positive feedback because she was a new generation trending slut with big enough tits that made some noise when they were braless, which for those of you who don’t know is the STYLE TREND in FASHION….

Then I saw she was fucking the Hadid’s Brother, no not the one that goes by BELLA, the other one who I think goes by ANSWEL EGGPORT or something Hadid who was raised by some Palestinian scammer who got rich in LA and knocked up the HADID mom before divorcing her to focus on his passion, having sex with instagram models he pays the rent for, because he’s a troll looking fuck….but before he did that, he pulled some strings to get his daughters to be trending celebrities for basically doing nothing, not even being hot, because it increased his success rate with the women he would creep on and pay the rent for in some power play that feminists will think the girls were actually in power with…but they weren’t…they’re going on dates with 65 year olds and flirting with them for rent money while rocking over 100k followers on IG..pretty pathetic…not that this is about Hadid Dad or the whores he fucks….this is about DUA LIPA in her care bear bathing suit for the creepy care bear fans….because clearly being on youtube has taught her how to maximize fetishes like the girls who date her boyfriend’s dad….you know manipulate those fetishes for personal gain…

Either way, she’s slutyt, she’s got tits, she wants you to see those tits, but not in full, because that would take her out of the mainstream and put her in onlyfans category, which was the backup plan I am sure, provided this whole popstar thing didn’t pan out….it’s all so stupid.


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