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Ariana Grande in a Bikini of the Day

I don’t know why but I hate Arianna Grande. Maybe it’s because she killed Mac Miller by not saving Mac Miller, but probably not since I don’t know anything about Mac Miller and really didn’t care when he died besides finding pleasure in Ariana Grande acting like she was broken up about it, despite being an anti-american rat who you may remember from that time she licked a donut and called Americans disgusting, despite being American….but it’s nice to see she’s being used as a puppet to push all her fans to vote…interesting choice in “patriots” you’d expect the illuminati to source them a bit better but I guesss they don’t care….about that…or that she lives a life in black face….but plays it off as a tan….I mean just an all around pile of Nickeloden created garbage….with zero authenticity or anything to offer…just an impersonator impersonating a popstar….full bullshit

I know some people find the midget Grande hot, but that’s because people are fucking perverts…and here she is in a bikini top and some mask porn….even though she probably doesn’t wear a mask…

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