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Medical Worker Monday of the Day

I do the Medical Worker Monday thing because I’ve been tracking the nudes produced by nurses on social media since March or April when I realzied that a bunch of ladies who work in SCRUBS taking nudes on their break, at the fucking hospital and I liked the contrast that was from the messages the media was sending us about COVID…which I’ve probably would be called a COVID hoaxer if people actually read this site…and not because I am ignorant, or an idiot, despite being ignorant and an idiot, but because none of the government measures make sense to me on a LOGICAL level….it seems like a load of fucking bullshit…the virus may be real, but everything about it is very fucking suspicious…

So as the media praises these women for being overworked, stressed, our FRONT LINE HEROES against an INVISIBLE THREAT that has a VERY low death rate, and that isn’t enough of a threat for them to pull out their pussies to bring home to their husbands who eat them out, likely unshowered….and as these people buy into the stress and the struggles because it’s human nature to want all the sympathy you can get when you know you are getting it…especially when you can monetize said nudes to a bunch of fucking pervert losers….I call bullshit..

I don’t see funeral homes packed, I don’t see the stats warranting the lockdowns, I don’t think 1% death rate should make people lock themselves down and never see humans again, and I don’t believe their testing results are even accurate, or that the deaths they are reporting are even accurate…..

I do see an opportunity to digitize everything from currency to shopping so that you can’t screw the government out of tax money. I mean and TRACK everything else, you can’t travel, go to a football game, anything but when they start allowing you to, they’ll want to contact trace you because they can’t trace you hard enough via FB / GOOGLE and the fact that they can turn on your phone camera everytime you jack off.

I do see it as a measure of fear mongering and control…I do see every story of people under 40 who die of it…and don’t believe they die from it but appreciate that in every story they tell us how they SOCIALLY DISTANCED and wore a mask…proving that none of those measures work..like when they say don’t see your family, but jam into line at a grocery store with strangers where it is safe….it’s all silly..

But we’re not that kind of site, we’re about the tits, and if this is women trying to relieve stress through nudity and masturbation and being an exhibitionist gets them off, then that’s the best thing to happen with COVID, however I am sure its been going on for a lot longer than COVID, I only noticed nurses during COVID, but always knew they were the sex worker of the medical field…I mean it’s the job strippers do when they are done with strippers..

The point is, you can hate the media, the fear mongering, the lies, the misinformation, the inconsistent messaging, the fact that COVID cured the flu, which I think is more deadly than COVID….but you can’t hate the FRONT LINE WORKERS being slut, no, you jerk off to that…but if you’re mad at COVID and how it ruined your life before they lock you in a FEMA camp….you can HATE jerk off to the frontline workers who are just here trying to get their pensions…..

Silly world we live in! A virus that only kills 1% of people, maybe 2% of people, should be left to the discretion of the people as to whether they want to RISK their lives by LIVING freely….once the death rate moves closer to 10% we should start taking locking people down…..you can DIE of anything at ANY time, that’s what life is about…hiding in your house doesn’t mean you won’t die dummy…..

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