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Nina Dobrev Public Urination of the Day

Nina Dobrev Squat

I know that there’s a huge pee fetish movement out there…..from people who think squirting isn’t pee so that they can justify their getting pissed on as being awesome fucking lovers who understand the pussy so well that they know how to induce a pee stream as a girl cums…..you know real man shit….especially in this era of hook-up apps and porno sex for ALL….then there’s the people legit into watching girls pee, whether on the toilet or on themselves or in the showers….you know the sext that knows you’re serious because you’ve been able to get a solid pee video so you know how a peeing pussy looks….then there’s all the drunk girl peeing in public that’s all over the internet…so people like to peed on…they like to watch peeing….so I guess that makes Nina Dobrev a PEE FETISH supplier…because without the peeing girls to document peeing us pee fetishists have nothing…not that I’d categorize myself as a pee fetishist but if a girl is going to film herself pee< I'll watch it... I guess what it comes down to is that being a Romanian or Lithuanian or whatever Eastern European country she escaped to Canada thanks to Canada's easy immigration rules "just have 100k and come on in"....she could very easily be peeing on cam sites in a basement for some armed guard and her fans on the cam site she works for....instead of for Olympic snowboarding hero who fucks her, likely up the ass, Shaun White....the proof girls like money and success more than looks because that guy's cartoony... JOIN THE NEWSLETTER YOU ASSHOLES!

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