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Jordyn Jones Slutty of the Day

Jordyn Jones Sexy

Jordyn Jones is a child dancer reality stat from a show that shouldn’t exist.

She sells her provocative pics via the “Close Friends” feature on Instagram….so basically, like Snap Chat before it, you can pay to have access to her “Close Friends Feed”…that’s really just a loophole to turn Instagram into some kind of only fans, where yo get on all fours and show people what being a dancer from Kalamazoo is supposed to be…

Unless this is how she poses for her friends, you know showing them her thong so they know her underwear choice for the day, as BFFs should…or maybe it’s just a safe way to pander to perverts while pretending your not….because the MONEY is so good as dudes are fucking perverts willing to spend the money on such stupidity like panty pics of some girl you’ve barely heard of….

I don’t mind that all women have a price to get half naked, I appreciate that this is the norm, it’s just insane on about 10 levels…because there was a time when everyone WASN’T a porn chick….but now they are…so I appreciate the hustle…

Jordyn Jones Sexy

Jordyn Jones Sexy


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