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Noah Cyrus Self Mutilating Her Nipples of the Day

Noah Cyrus Nipple

Noah Cyrus has younger sibling syndrome, where she’s never going to be quite as good as Miley, even if she is more talented, because Miley’s a huge fucking star. I think her last album hit 1 billion streams this weekend, which in the event you don’t know how to count, because you’re a helmet wearing retard thanks to either a head injury, stroke, or retardation, is a lot of fucking listens…that probably makes her richer than everyone….

But Noah Cyrus, as the young sibling, has a level of arrogance, entitlement, and support because you know her parents in all those jealous moments of her sister’s wins, that felt like her wins, but that weren’t her wins….meant she was coddled in her own way to not feel inadequate ….

So now she’s a celebrity of her own, one who surprisingly didn’t get cancelled for calling a black woman “Nappy Ass Ho”….which last I checked is something that would get most people fired….but most people aren’t CYRUS’.

I listened to her live performance the other day…in full….and it’s actually good, which I would say pains me to say, but really doesn’t because I have no problem liking shitty celebrities, shitty music, and shitty things…it’s part of being shitty….I don’t think I am above pop music, or popular things, even if I am generally disgusted by it…but yeah, seeing her perform live has made her whole ugly Miley edgy weirdness vibe far more appealing, tolerable, and validated…

So I support Noah Cyrus and that was before I saw this clip or gif of her getting her nipples pierced in the weirdest way…

I don’t know if this was posted to her instagram, but if it was, more reason to like Noah, even if you hate piercings, it’s a fucking nipple getting pierced and that’s FUN and the world needs more FUN..


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