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Heather Graham Kinda Hot in a Bikini of the Day

Heather Graham Hot Bikini

Heather Graham has her titties in a bikini the way an old lady with big titties should have her tities out in a bikini…busting out of a dress…we don’t need to see the rest of her, we’ve seen Boogie Nights or at least that scene from Boogie Nights and it’s been a great ride since those magical days with Heather Graham’s big titties…it was a simpler time, a better time and a reminder that film is forever, while the female form is not…and I guess you could argue that either is the male form…but old dudes aren’t out there taking topless pics for attention, or for their followers, unless it’s a comedic stunt….not to mention if you’re rich enough, old dudes can never be too old, young mooch sluts will always come or pretend to come while grinding up on them in exchange for designer purses….

It’s really not a sexist thing, because the truth is old ladies and their old lady bodies that may not look as good as they did when they were immortalized on celluloid….still get fucked cuz dudes are perverts and will fuck anything…

So it’s not really a dis against women, there are orderlies in old folks home fully sticking their dick in their residents..if there’s a pussy it’s never too old for someone….

It’s just to say if you’re old, keep your dress on and squeeze those tits in a push-up bra…it’s a better overall impactful shameless attention seeking selfie…

I guess this post has just been debunked because she posted a body pic…at 51…


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