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Kaia Gerber Ass of the Day

Kaia Gerber

In the event you didn’t know…Kaia Gerber is Cindy Crawford’s skinny ass daughter who is trending because they want her to be in the shady model industry because people in the industry seem to not thing it’s a terrible thing…they are too immersed in it to realize how fucking twisted it is…..in her case, it’s just exciting for the narcissists parents to feel a level of narcissist pride cuz the kid that crawled out of their womb is getting praise and being called “their clone”…which is like a second life at being young and hot…vicariously through your child….but for whatever reason, probably money, since they have lots of it…why try to teach your entitled brat about worldly things, send them to the third world to build some character but since none of these people have character, they are just empty vapid idiots who think they are important…but at least she’s showing off her ridiculously little model ass…cuz it makes the nonsense around these people more tolerable…but remember…it’s been tainted by that Monkey looking clown Pete Davidson…and probably worse…which shouldn’t change anything since you can’t smell through the computer yet…and I’d argue that you’d never get close enough to Kaia Gerber’s bubble to ever get her HPV…so this is some stare at some rich model thanks to her mom being a model ass…and her dad being George Clooney’s circle jerk Tequila Party boyfriend….you know celebrity shit…


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