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Kaia Gerber Bikini Picture of the Day

Kaia Gerber Bikini

Normally you’d be shocked a teenage girl was posting up seductive pictures of herself for social media, you know like what is this about, is this even legal, where are her parents…you know the kind of image that isn’t that innocent because it is half naked posing…even if it is just a “bathing suit”…she is but a child…you know the kind of image that would lead to getting a girl suspended from school, or maybe in a meeting with her priest to figure out what the deal is…

But when it comes to billionaire heiress Kaia Gerber, the product of Narcissistic Cindy Crawford, who is using her as some kind of revival of her ego, or barbie doll…the mom is actually behind the images..some stage mother shit..and it’s creepy…but not as creepy as how much you fucking love it…

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Kaia Gerber Looks 40 of the Day

Kaia Gerber Looks 40

Child abuse comes in all kinds of forms, in all kinds of ways, at all kinds of socio-economic levels. You don’t need to be some Welfare family with a drug addiction living in a Shanty to be abusive to these burdens on your life, and you don’t need to be a molester or a beater, who assaults, or diddles the kid…child abuse can even happen in Malibu when you’re mom is a Famous 90s model and your dad is some kind of Tequila billionaire thanks to partnering up with some rich and famous friends….Child abuse comes when you throw your kid into a sleazy, vapid, disgusting, superficial industry, but I guess when that industry made you a lot of money and defines you, it is hard to see how fucked up it is, because I guess at 15 or 16, mom know girl is ready to cash the fuck in, like she’s some kind of stage mom, only she’s rich enough that she doesn’t need to be, so it’s strictly just for her ego…it’s like seeing stripper mom and stripper daughter working the stripclub floor together…it’s weird…

But I guess Kaia Gerber looks 45 so it’s ok. The next generation of Hadid style clickbait..

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Kaia Gerber in Teen Vogue of the Day

Kaia Gerber, Cindy Crawford’s daughter who is now not only the heiress to the GERBER BABY EMPIRE, but also to George Clooney’s Tequila company that they sold for 1 billion dollars 1/3 going into her daddy’s pocket…because it pays to be Cindy Crawford’s husband, and the Heir to the Gerber baby empire, you get in with the right famous people to create silly brands for fun…and make hundreds of millions with them….

Well, despite the money, she’s still being whored out to the industry, cuz she looks good, making her a model feels right for her mom, since modeling did so well for her, and here she is in Teen Vogue…being a Teen.

You like that don’t you? You fucking pervert….

Which brings up an important point….how many subscribers to Teen Vogue are teen girls, and how many are creepy perv men like you? Stats!

From her social media….

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Kaia Gerber Exploited for Some Campaign of the Day

I think it’s nice to see a young girl following her mother’s footsteps – to live the dream of being a body in the fashion space…riding off her family connections, and fueled by their narcissism that allows them to really push her to the highest level of modeling, because she’s tall enough, she’s skinny enough, just look at those non-existent tween hips, and she’s ready to take on the industry of sleeze, greed, filth, martialism, because she is a Malibu raised barbie, and this is the instagram era where every 8/10 or less is a published model, but only some are dialed in at the Kaia Gerber level…

It’s the 1 percent, the rich getting richer, the keep up the momentum of the mom’s hard work, dicks were sucked and will be sucked again….but less…because she is the heiress to the GERBER baby empire…

Who cares…..she’s young, but her parents feel she’s old enough to be out there showing off her legs…let’s hope this all backfires since we like seeing people who win, turn around and fail…with drugs, suicide from the pressure, or worst…she gets fat…anything can happen, she’s barely done puberty…but you’re not creepy for looking, her parents are creepy for producing this.


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Kaia Gerber by Kendall Jenner for LOVE Magazine of the Day


Photography is a joke, the cameras do all the work, I’ve taken pics that have 10,000s of likes and I dont’ know what I’m fucking doing, other than having been in the right place at the right time when someone asks me to take a pic of them with their phone…it doesn’t take much…the real challenge is finding a dumb bitch who will act like an asshole in various poses trying to be sexy for no real reason other than narcissistic insanity, but even that’s not the challenging, every bitch does it..

SO now, model who shouldn’t be a model, Kendall Jenner, from the family of promo models, has become a fashion photogrpaher, because it’s a joke, a career she can carry into her future, and make even more money that she does, by capturing the cunts she recruits to the industry – so eager to be in the industry – where she can take money off the top….

So now, she can be entrepreneur, social media expert, with a team behind her, who can sign these bitches, some famous, some randoms, and get 20 percent of their money, charge the client 20 percent on top of the fee, making 40 percent off each booking, plus charge her 50k a day photography rate…or more…cashing the fuck in…while producing garbage content people fucking love because they have no taste..

So today’s subject, 15 year old Kaia Gerber…the Cindy Crawford clone the family pimps out – for the cover of some magazine Kendall is heavily involved with and the family probably owns…and the whole thing is not that offensive…because at Least Kendall is trying to have a skill…in a life she clearly doesn’t need skill in…but it’s something to do…

The funniest thing is that people are actually giving her hype reveiews for this pic…I saw it on some sites already and was like “who are these writers and why do they suck kendall’s dick”…it’s ok to call someone out for being worse than dog shit in the grand scheme of the world despite people paying her and sucking up to her – we all know the truth…she’s a zero.

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Kaia Gerber for Interview Magazine of the Day


I am pretty fucking strict on one thing in my life and that is the whole 18+ rule of content…I am realistic and leave the house and see how these teens act, what they do, and I know they’re raised on porn and dress half naked like a Kardashian and probably have sex tapes…but I want nothing to do with any of that…other than mild social observation….


I don’t want to see it, I don’t want to know it exists, I do not find it interesting or exciting, I find it weird….not to mention teens are fucking annoying…and that lone makes me hate them…

What I really don’t understand is Kaia Gerber….Cindy Crawford’s daughter, who has a very rich father named Randy Gerber, and a rich mother named Cindy Crawford, who I guess is as vapid as you’d expect a model to be, as narcissistic as you’d expect a model to be, and as superficial as you’d expect a model to be…throwing her daughter, even if this is her daughter’s dream..into modeling at 15 or 16…she doesn’t even have a drivers license….

Amazingly companies, magazines, and photographers…are having a kid pose in bikinis for them….acting all intense for them…in what they can pivot like Hillary Clinton into being art, or marketing, or editorial, but that is still fucking weird…she’s a kid…whether she’s got her period or not…and she’s not in a poor family that needs the fame money…they have the fame money…

It is festishized, it’s weird, it’s awkward, yet they do it openly and freely…when they could easily say “when you’re 18 you can decide what you want to do, here’s your allowance, go get some smoothies, juices, frozen yogurt, you annoying Malibu Barbie”…and if this was some dude in a dingy studio recruiting 15 year olds to pose, even clothed…you’d all be up in arms, lynching the pervert..and charging him with sex offense..

Yes, these pics aren’t hot or sexual…but they are to some fucking pervert…and most importantly…they are unnecessary….

I’ll call this Cindy Crawford’s Kardashian / Hadid Dream….

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15 Year Old Kaia Gerber Named Model of the Year in Daily Front Row of the Day

Prized Kaia Gerber, who was shat out of Cindy Crawford’s pussy 15 years ago, has just been named model of the year by a magazine that I assume Cindy Crawford has influence over. All to help her prized period that stuck – establish a name in modeling at 15….because it speaks to her own narcissism. She wants her pussy juice that solidified into this creature to be golden – because it makes her feel goldn….

The last post I wrote on Kaia Gerber was that I understand when a really ghetto drug addicted hooker – living in a one bedroom apartment with no running water or food in the fridge – addicted to drugs – decides to get her 14 year old into the family business. of whoring because she’s hit puberty and you can charge a premium,

But when Cindy Crawford, a very rich woman, married the Randy Gerber a very rich man…who also has very rich parents…does it…albeit a fancier kind of whoring, it makes no sense to me…egos…

At 14 or 15…she should probably be doing things that don’t involve creepy men taking her pics…seriously weird..

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14 Year old Kaia Gerber – the Gerber Baby – Plays Dress-Up of the Day


I understand when a really ghetto drug addicted hooker – living in a one bedroom apartment with no running water or food in the fridge – deeper than being down on her luck – mom decides to get her 14 year old into the family business. You know, she’s hit puberty, you can charge a premium, whatever…your life fucking sucks, you’re a disgusting degenerate anyway…why not add more fuel to your resume of gutter, rock bottom, low life trash…

But when Cindy Crawford a very rich woman, married the Randy Gerber a very rich man…who also has very rich parents…I don’t understand why at 14, they think it’s a good idea to throw their daughter Kaia Gerber into the mix.

I get it, people are attention seeking fame whores, people love social media, people love being published in magazines, and people are taking interest in her based on her name and mom alone…so the opportunity is there…but the opportunity will be there in 3 or 4 years when she’s legal, after she’s done school, maybe even when she’s in college during the summer…

But to get her posing, showing skin, pulling the Jardashian fame whore, attention seeking, create her into a brand other brands will pay for…just makes no fucking sense…it can only attract negative attention, bad decisions, and perverts like you jerking off to her…

She’s 14…she should be getting her first babysitting job, not her first magazine cover in a fashion magazine famous for putting nude pics of Kim Kardashian out there…

I blame social media for this…

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Kaia Gerber Modeling of the Day


Kaia Gerber is 14 or 15 years old…and they think she is old enough to be modeling, even though putting out content or photoshoots is pretty much sexualizing their kid, and is as creepy as that child beauty pageant shit….and I blame the parents….the parents who are Cindy Crawford and Gerber babyfood heir Randy Gerber…

The fact is that she’s rich as fuck, she’s got a trust fund, her dad has a trust fund and she’ll look the fucking same when she’s 18, yet her mom thinks it is a good idea to put her into marketing campaigns for random brands, for pervert marketers, like a prositute, because I guess her mom was out doing coke off cocks in VIP rooms at 17….back in the 90s

Maybe mom’s not working too much and needs a project to keep occupied with…or maybe a celebrated daugher makes her feel good about herself, you know because she sees herself in her daughter, and her daughter is probably all about it because like all girls her age they need that Instagram whore followers to feel validated…

It’s weird…

Here she is for Teen Vogue…a new icon / leader in the making..

Here she is from instagram….

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Cindy Crawford’s Teen Daughter in Bed for Fashion of the Day

In the first minute and a half of this video for MIU MIU, a huge fashion brand, you’ll see the talent they cast for the video is Cindy Crawfrod and Randy Gerber of Gerber baby empire daughter Kaia – laying in bend…in soft focus…gripping her sheets….before walking around the pool in a sheer pool dress, I mean I don’t need to recap this if you just watch the fucking video, before stripping off her clothes, facing a children’s toy and jumping into the pool in a bathing suit, they don’t really show because they focus on her body parts…

I am not a film analyst and I am a pervert – who sees sex in everything I look at…but I would never produce a video like this with someone under the age of 18, because all though it’s not graphic teen erotica – it’s pretty racy or eludes to teen erotica – and that’s just fucking weird – especially when the girl is rich, her parents rich, and has no need to be doing anything like this…


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Cindy Crawford’s Tween Socialite Daughter Does a Campaign of the Day


Cindy Crawford and the heir to Gerber Baby empire, restaurant and bar owner, model fucker, LA scenester, and billionaire…something models love t, so much that they marry and make babies with, have a kid, who is 14 named Kaia Gerber, who is 14 years old…and who they think is old enough to be modeling, even though putting out content or photoshoots is pretty much sexualizing their kid, and is as creepy as that child beauty pageant shit….and I blame the parents.

The fact is that she’s rich as fuck, she’s got a trust fund, and she’ll look the fucking same when she’s 18, yet her mom thinks it is a good idea to put her into marketing campaigns for random brands, like a prositute, because I guess her mom was out doing coke off cocks in VIP rooms at 15….back in the 90s that was normal…and I guess it is now also…because mom’s not working too much and needs a project to keep occupied with…and daughter, like all girls need that Instagram whore followers to feel validated…


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Kaia Gerber for Teen Vogue of the Day


I figure if Cindy Crawford is willing to pimp her kid out to the media. Throwing her into modeling shoots, because modeling was so good for Cindy Crawford, it even landed her a billionaire heir to the Gerber empire husband, that with his sperm, she made this Kaia brat…straight from the mean streets of Malibu…and now in magazines…because these idiots can’t just be gracious or graceful in their fame and fortune, they just need to keep milking it and milking it, and all it takes is making a few calls, because she’s Cindy Crawford….

Even if this 14 year old model was a troll, missing fingers, with server developmental disabilities, wheel chair bound, albino….and covered in contagious lesions…she’d still be cast in Teen Vogue, they’d just use a lot of make-up, all thanks to being Cindy Crawford’s daughter…

I’d assume that after seeing all the drugs, all the bad people at the parties she attended, Cindy Crawford would want her kid to do something more substantial…that involves not being a vapid twat…but instead…this is how she spends her high school weekends…

I just can’t see how anything good will come from this…she’s still a fucking kid…even if kids these days have more sex partners than you by 12, and not even the ghetto ones from the projects…but rich ones too…thanks to internet porn and parents too into themselves to raise them properly…

I guess the good news is that she’s cute, has potential, and in the next 4 years…will be walking the runway for that scam Victoria’s Secret, because that’s how their casting works…

Everyone wants to be an instagram model, but legit with actual photoshoots..weird..

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Cindy Crawford’s Gerber Baby for Steven Meisel and Vogue Italia of the Day


Kaia Gerber is the billion dollar heir to the Gerber family fortune, a fortune coupled with her dad’s level of “LA Cool” owning clubs and bars and restaurants, lured in her mom Cindy Crawford, when she was at the top of her career, because everyone from Homeless girls to Top Fashion models are hookers, money grubbing hookers, they just come in at different budgets…

It is safe to say that Kaia Gerber, is either genetically predisposed to model, that people around her don’t mind whoring her out, or have her photographed by older men…for magazines…creepy…

It is also safe to say, that this is the Kardashian era of Selfies, and that everyone, especially rich girls, want instagram likes and followers, so why not do the GIGI HADID, and get a head start at it, because you have a mom to oversee everything….so you’re safe…and by the time you’re 18…you’ll be massively famous…with so many followers, all the brands will want you..

Intersting….only unlike other aspiring intagram whores…she goes straight to IMG models, shot by top photographer Steven Meisel…for Vogue Italia…cuz that’s how it works when rich…

She’s 14….


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