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Dua Lipa Hard Nipples in a Short Skirt of the Day

Tennis is the hottest sport on all fronts. Their outfits are hot, their grunts are hot, the panty flashes are hot…and not just at the professional level, where the tennis talent is getting more and more jacked-up and manly, you know muscle mass is important for the wins, but even at the local tennis club where rich girls get together to tan by the pool, order food to their account, and play a game or two in their hot outfits, as rich people do…

Dua Lipa, is posing with pink tennis balls, to give you blue balls, her tities in a tiny tank top and her ass barely covered with a tiny tennis skirt…

I don’t know if this is a promotion for Evian Water, but since they know tennis is fancy, they tend to sponsor tennis related things like Wimbledon, which could be what Dua Lipa’s promoting here, I mean she is from the UK, and as one of the hottest popstars, you’d assume part of her endorsing or bringing new energy to what is a stuffy and pretentious sport you have to be “quiet” while watching in the stadium, would come with her in fetish gear…and you may call this fashion or style…but to me…this is the same as a creative stripper dressed up the night before finals getting paid…because maybe that’s really what Dua Lipa is…just a higher level fetish…integrating the hottest sport into her smut…I dig it.


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