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Dua Lipa Ass in a Bikini of the Day

Dua Lipa who I like to think was created in a fucking lab, back in Bosnia, before being released in the UK like she was RITA ORA where she developed some singing career, before being sent to America to be a huge fucking star….

But her origin story isn’t one of being created by the industry, but rather of being a bad girl the industry didn’t want, you know you can’t have success without failures, even when you’re 19 years old…I guess..

So she claims she was too fat to model for some shitty hip fashion website, so she said “Fuck Ya’ll” and went to YOUTUBE to do cover songs before getting a follow, singed, and now lives that rich as shit celebrity life with the penis she puts inside her, who could be a handler but is likely also handled…since he’s a HADID.

In this video, she is jumping off boats, like fancy people who don’t get COVID, because it’s not a PANDEMIC to the rich, they’re all way fucking richer, which should remind you stop complying like the slave class you are, becuase there’s more to life out there for you than being one of their shills…

In this video, her ass looks amazing…I guess she’s been working out, or maybe it’s one of her clones, for when they need hot content and not “I was a plus sized model” content…depending on how they chose to hose us with manipulative propaganda….


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