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The Ratio Tuesday of the Day

The world is confusing because of the way the media presents us with science that conflicts with actual science….at least based on the science I see published that if you were to put out there you’d be cancelled, banned, censored or called a conspiracy theorist, even if you ask the person what they’re opinion of the science you’re presenting them with, to have a conversation about it with them, for them to say “SHUT UP AND GET THE FUCKING VAX AND PUT ON THE FUCKING MASK”….weirdness that makes no sense..

I asked someone I am close to something like “Why did you really get a vaccine, you lived fine for a year and didn’t get COVID, you may have even had it, what made you say “I am going to get an experimental shot” blindly….who did you listen to, who did you trust, who did you talk to?” and the answer was “you believe your facts, I believe mine”….ugh…that’s not really a convincing answer…and doesn’t really make any fucking sense….

I am not saying the vax is killing people, other people are saying that, I am saying that if you can still get covid and spread covid, what’s the point of having a weird ass medication…it doesn’t really make sense and the whole “lesser symptoms” seems impossible to prove….and if anything it seems like we were lied to…and more people should be mad and may be if they don’t die off from this shit….

I have been tempted to do medical experiments for years….they pay you well to be a guinea pig, and even then I chose not to…people are out here volunteering to do this for free….so I don’t really get the motivation…

BUT yeah, i can go on all day about this shit, it’s comedic, it’s hilarious, as an observer of Pop Culture….I know shit is fucking weird…

I am a believer of science, I am a believer of studies that say that a waist-to-hip ratio of a certain size is more attractive to men…I am willing to try to debunk it by masturabting to girls of varying degrees of waist-to-hip ratio…and you should too…real science is designed to be debunked….or disproven…that’s the point…I prove this, you prove me wrong, I prove you wrong…it’s a fun back and forth for nerds….

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