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Jessie J See Through Panties of the Day

You gotta wonder what goes through the mind of a mediocre popstar that I am sure you’ve never even heard of, because I’ve barely heard of her and I run a fucking website about this shit and have written 10s of thousands of useless blog posts maybe even 100,000 blog posts that no one reads about these useless idiots, so I would fucking know….

She was around, in leotards, 10 or more years ago and now she’s just old as shit…and whether Channing Tatum, who you know sucked dick to get famous, fucked her after his wife and him split up, doesn’t really impress me…that dude fucked dudes to get where he is, meaning he’d fuck whatever comes around….

Point being, you’d have to be in a pretty weird fucking place to post a series of content pieces in your bathroom, wearing sheer mom underwear while doing a dance, to put out to the world…

Really, this is the message, the inspo, the curated content she’s worked out for herself…wearing shapewear to suck her fucking gunt in….because she’s old…for instagram..

There’s a fucking homegrown disaster happening, and these idiots post shit like this that literally no one wants to see because she is Jessie J…and no one knows who she is….I don’t think Channing even knows who she is and he butt fucked her….that is how impressive she is…


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