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Maddie Ziegler Nipples of the Day

I have become a fan of 18 or 19 year old Maddie Ziegler, not because I saw her grow up into the budding young talent that she is today…

I didn’t really know of her from that SIA video to those perverted and confusing child dance reality shows…or the spin/off work they get from them….it creeps me the fuck out.

I do know how these industry kittens end up marketing themselves around their 18th birthday, it’s always by getting edgy, sleazy, especially in this era more than previous eras.

Everyone of those famous 20 year olds, was a slutty 18 year old in a 2 year rebrand…from Miley to Lohan they all did it…it is an industry secret that is not quite a secret…and I am sure they have their reasons for it, maybe to maintain their young fans who are becoming pervert exhibitionists of their own…I don’t know…

I just know it happens….and that the last few months of Maddie Ziegler acting like the other girls her age who were raised on porn, has brought us some hot and sleazy social media content, but through it all she’s looked amazing, hasn’t come across as desperate and even has a bit of a Candice Swanepoel look….

Meaning, she’s pretty hot at this shit, and definitely not what 18 or 19 year old girls in my era looked like….the fact that she’s not mid-20s or 30 is weird…

She’s been getting racier, building her brand as a babe, but don’t sexualize her, she’s freeing the nipple for fashion, it’s a trend, for empowered feminism or some shit….

She’s no longer a child dancer for the perverts, now a babe for the less perverted perverts, and she’s got this hot sheer top, nipples out, panties pulled up to her shoulders like a pair of overalls or waders and she’s pretty great.


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