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On/Off Flasher Fridays of the Day

On/Off Passports is the way of the future…MY FUTURE…at least a future I hope for…

Because if you are going to use medical tyranny for the advancement of CONTROL of a society, as they are, you might as well make it something we can jerk off to.

I propose that all peopleshould unite on this front, because I want to walk by girls and have my microchip that I’ve had implanted in my arm by force by the state to trigger their On/Off of that day, so that I know whether their outfit is lying to me…or that her outfit isn’t doing her justice…you know important shit…

Rather than the medical tyranny being forced on everyone in the form of mandated vaccinations that are not legal or constitutional or part of your civil liberties of body autonomy…for a vaccine that doesn’t work because people still get sick with it….in an effort to use these vaccines and vaccine passports to track and control a population…which they are doing already here…since that shit is far darker, dystopian and less fun than On/Offs.

I don’t know what you can do to fight the medical tyranny being imposted on you with a shot that is deisgned to kill you down the line, but I will say you probably shouldn’t go along with it, because it’ll get more and more gnarly and we already can barely escape their plan….

On/Offs can distract you, but WAKE UP.

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