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Kendall Jenner Bikini of the Day

Kendall Jenner is part of the EVIL and DESTRUCTIVE family that is getting paid stupidly, so they don’t care that the public are weak and buy into their nonsense…they buy into any agenda being pushed and the people with the real money, I’m not talking the corporations paying the Kardashians for marketing help, I’m talking the people at the fucking top of those corporations who need those foot soldiers..

With that, this one has managed to make the “rich kid” who could have been fine doing nothing, became a massive fashion model, while not being hot enough to be a fashion model, even though there’s been some ugly fashion models…they’ll just hand that title out to anyone who pushes product for them…which used to be called “SALES PERSON” not “Model” or “Face of the Brand” because they only care about sales…tragic…

Not as tragic as her dad being the figurehead of the war on women, by saying that women aren’t women anymore, anyone who wants to be a woman can be a woman, despite not having lady parts, yet they still end up cutting off their dicks, even though they don’t have to cut off their dicks to be a woman by their own logic, sine being a woman is dead…and men are moving in….full mental health breakdown…that’s gone international…and is in the schools being pushed on the kids…while I remember a time when trannies were reserved for sex work..

Now I don’t care if a man wants to be a woman, pretends to be a woman, but I recognize it’s mental…but not as mental as the POSSIBILITY that Kendall’s fleshlight was used for Bruce’s pussy design….ok…


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