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Ashley Graham Naked of the Day

One of my least favorite things is nude pics of pregnant ladies who think they are documenting the most beautiful time in their life, and that’s with regular sized bitches, when you throw in some obese lady who has made millions off being fat, claiming it is empowering, fighting body shamers around the world while pushing the “it’s ok to be fat”…and it is ok to be fat, be whatever the fuck you want to be, it just doesn’t have to mean you should be used as a model to market shit to other fatties since society is fucking fat….

You know, save the modeling for unattainable, aspirational bodies…not the bodies we see in line at Walmart….

So yeah, she represents a terrible trend in pop culture, fat inclusivity for models and she’s doing a terrrible trend in social media…the nude pregnancy pic because pregnancy, albeit the most natural thing about us, seemingly totally unnatural, alien invading the uterus shit anyway – nude pregnancy pics while being plus sized…is hardly double the fun just because it weighs it at double the tonnage..because not all nudes are created equally….


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