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Camila Cabello Fitness Struggle of the Day


Camila Cabello is some Cuban import that made it in Hollywood which always makes me feel suspicious because there are so many talented locals who don’t make it…so how did someone who was brought over by a communist country with seemingly no money….get to the top of the charts in a girl band. I guess her talent was JUST THAT much better than everyone else and I don’t know anything about her music, so I can’t confirm or deny that, but I do know that none of the pop music out there is meaningful, inspiring or real music. The girls leading the bands or dancing on stage as they pretend to sing the over produced songs are usually not that impressive and obviously just a vessel to push whatever thy are pushing. I guess a broke girl from Cuba would be a great one to use, knowing she wouldn’t bog anything down with her born in America privilege.

That’s not to say I know anything about her rise to the top, I am just a skeptic….

There was a time when she was a tight package of a popstar in a girl band, who went solo…then the pandemic happened and she went back to Florida where she clearly had one too many Cuban spit roasts…maybe with her boyfriend who is also a popster where he was the meat in the middle taking it from both sides…you know cuz he has gay vibes….or maybe it was just too much RICE AND BEANS….now that she’s all rich as shit and famous.

Anyway, she’s not as humiliated by her weight gain as she would have been a decade ago, since even when fat she’s skinnier than the average and I guess she’s getting back into fighting shape, in this struggle to do a sit up….her belly in those bike shorts getting in the way as it does and for those of you who sit in the park and watch outdoor workouts, this is more post pregnancy, during pregnancy, or geriatric “Boot camps”….at least in terms with the body.

The good news is at least she’s trying..

The better news is at least she put her trainer in the picture, because that’s an ass and body distraction Cabello needs…she should bring her everywhere she goes, you know to give us something to look at.


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