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Candice Swanepoel Hot on a Boat of the Day

Candice Swanepoel is the South African variant I want dripping off my face….

Today has been a day of wanting things dripping off my face….but I’m serious about this South African goddess who I used to say was potentially HIV positive, since South Africa’s had bad press around viruses before, high AIDS rate shit….

I did see a video from South Africa president saying that there will be no forced vaccinations, no vaccine segregation, not travel restrictions…which was amazing, since the VACCINES don’t work at reducing the spread of the virus, and if anything the vaccinated are more dangerous to the unvaccinated, but people are in a haze, daze, brainwashed, fully programmed to not open their minds to that…weird…

I did see a video from a South African health official saying that the unvaccinated have no symptoms to OMNICRON and that the vaccinated have mild symptoms…meaning shit is not dangerous…

YET people are sensationalizing this shit, talking forced vaccines, using it all to hype up, fear monger and control…

When really, we should all be laid back, not scared, busy staring at hot skinny 30 year old mom model ass in a bikini jacked up her ass…it’s nice…it’s soothing…it’s inspiring.

Don’t fall for this NEW VARIANT insanity to get more people acting a fool, unreasonable and annoying….

That shit’s all a fucking scam…but if it’s not a scam and Candice Swanepoel was dripping in it…I’d lick it off her…willing to die to lick anything off her really…a hero, or pervert, or person with no much going on and that’d be the peak of life…like that.


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