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Ireland Baldwin Casting Couch of the Day

I don’t know if the ALEC BALDWIN MURDER that ALEC BALDWIN is now saying he was not involved in, or that he was not the trigger pulling actor that caused the death, there’s some interview distraction that ABC put together so you know not to believe a word of it, it’s owned by DISNEY….and most importantly…HE IS AN ACTOR…not a very good actor…and I can see through his fucking bullshit….

I have been of the school of thought that NO ONE was killed on set, that it was all a performance piece, and I’d say SHOW ME THE BODY….but I don’t actually care enough about it to really bother…it is just SUPER suspicious….maybe an insurance scam…I DON’T KNOW….

Anyway, since the death on set that dude was a producer on, Ireland’s had her tits out, working for actual brands, it’s been weird and she’s been trying fucking hard for 5-6 year and got no where….while her cousin is out there winning at life with the Kardashian Jenners and the Bieber…

Either way, I’ll look at Irelands big girl titties….even if her dad’s a cunt.


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