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Ashley Tisdale’s in her Panties of the Day

I haven’t been overly nice to Ashley Tisdale over the years. I guess I haven’t been nice to any of the celebrity bitches out there, but that’s just because they are cunts and wouldn’t be nice to you, their fans, which makes me hate them. These are narcissistic idiots who love the attention but think they are above the people giving it them. So I made a point of bullying them through this site, because they deserve it and if I don’t call them out, who will….at least that was the idea when the site first started…now instagram commenters do a good job on the troll and I’m no longer needed…not that I was ever needed.

The reason I was anti-Ashley Tisdale was because I saw the scam that was Disney in action first hand. They are power players who own everything and they manipulated the Teen Choice awards or some other award show into awarding Ashley Tisdale the hottest star of the year or some shit….all while looking like a hook nosed monster….and this was after her nose-job….but she still looked like trash.

So I used to do posts called “The Ashley Tisdale” ugly watch, to remind the people she’s ugly and not to get sucked into her witchcraft manipulation.

In doing those, I always said “but she’s worth a fuck” because she was into fitness and a hot body is a hot body even if it has a butter face…

So someone can be called an ugly overrated piece of shit celebrity, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t hotter than some of the trash you’ve fucked or married. The two are mutually exclusive.

In today’s post, she’s in her panties, in self produced content uploaded to her channels…

Meaning the High School Musical hemorrhoid said “I am going to shoot content in my panties for my instagram”…..

This is after her celebrity has been built, after her career has made her money where she’s set for life, but for some reason…she feels compelled to do this.

Like all social media content – SEEMS DESPERATE from actual celebs….even if they need a boost….

When will celebs go back to being celebs?

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