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Tight Pant Tuesday of the Day

Tight pants are a great accessible way for housewives to show the world their cunt after pilates class and thanks to COVID, they’re not just wearing them for pilates class, it’s the NEW NORMAL People and they wear that shit everywhere…when they are on ZOOM pretending to do work now that they don’t have to go to the office, when they are at the grocery store, which is my only social interaction with tight pants, and they are hot….especially when they are with their college aged daughters, who are also in tight pants, so you know it’s a family affair…some FLY IN THE WALL shit that you’d only get to experience if you were a guest in their home on Christmas where they are hanging out in their panties playing mom/daughter wrestling, their family tradition…but now it’s brought to you in the produce section…amazing…tight pants…are….amazing..

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