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Nina Dobrev Wet of the Day

I never thought much of Nina Dobrev, a Canadian Refugee who has found salvation in Los Angeles thanks to being an “actor” whatever the fuck that means….she’s originally from some GYPSY producing country that I’d assume a bunch of people are jerking off to in this whole WORLD WAR III performance piece people are actually invested in and talking about, when I’m fully not interested in any of that shit in any way, besides finding a fucking CHARTER jet to bring all the bitches to DRUNKENSTEPFATHER headquarters where I will show them images of War Torn communities demanding a dick suck or being threatened with being sent back!

I do always find it interesting when the immigrants come to Canada, then fuck off to America, only to do big things, like TV shows, eventually ending up on SHAUN WHITE’S snowboard penis…but not that interesting….

I actually find her hot, long, busty enough, fit enough, mid-30s body pretty fucking great….so I went from not thinking anything about a Canadian hero who wasn’t born in Canada…but maybe represents how great immigration is, cultivate them so their future tax dollars get paid to AMERICA…where they moved to….to thinking she’s one of the hotter starlets in her 30s who doesn’t really star in anything, but does a good job half naked on instagram…for an old chick.

So you just saw her getting wet….now here she is getting dirty…


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