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January Jones Cleavage of the Day

I know that your eyes probably go straight for the tits when looking at these pics of January Jones, that’s basically by design and what she’s clearly hoping for when she oput this weird dress outfit on for a selfie photoshoot for her social media because she’s an attention seeking twat who is rotting out from the inside and I guess the outside too.

I like some big cleavage, hard nipples, even when they aim to the ground too, why the fuck not, I like tits, we all like tits…but the tits aren’t good enough for me to not look at her mid section that looks pretty meaty or the face that looks pretty hard and masculine, just the way a rich guy who knocked her up for a payout would want it to be, in order to keep the pregnancy under wraps.

The point of the story, the tits aren’t good enough to justify her celebrity status, but she seems to think that and we’ll still look. So I guess it’s a win for this narcissist


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