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Camila Cabello Ass of the Day

Camila Cabello, who is fat by Hollywood standards, or by any rational person over the age of 35’s standards, because there was a time when you were the only fat kid at the waterpark, or swim class, or beach, or gym locker room, it wasn’t ever 1.5 motherfucker being ridiculed for having big ol titties….

But in today’s internet standards of low standards because they are inclusive, woke and too self absorbed to care, her pop star body is fit….and really when you’re in this pose, we’ll call it strategic posing as the fatties of OnlyFans have likely mastered, the gunt is hidden, the Cuban illegal poster child of the American Dream thanks to whatever human trafficking goes on for these pop stars they create….I’m not privy to that info..but the leopard print bikini, the raising hell hat, an the perverting the minds of her young fans is enough to make me think I know what club she’s part of…and it’s not Jesus’.

Anyway, thanks to the internet, we all jerk off to fatties we’re being gamed by and that’s probably why everyone’s an anti social reclusive….hide from society cuz they can’t live up to their lie and they don’t want to expose themselves because they like being jerked off to….groundwork for the METAVERSE.


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