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Ashley Graham Necrosis of the Day

Oh my go, what the fuck is going on with Ashley Graham’s body, that’s clearly the wrong filter…..but also a flaw in this EMPOWERMENT bullshit, sure some people can jerk off to it, and as good people we tolerate it, or accept it as being fine, but the issue is why does it have to be shoved down our throats for her attention seeking, or her trying to be relatable to the other fatties so that she can keep getting hired to be their leader.

I get it, she had a kid, I get it those are either diabetic necrosis, stretch marks, or some kind of vaccine injury, but we don’t need to make a side show about it.

Be fat, be happy, cater to the fat fucker chubby chasers, but PUT IT BEHIND A PAYWALL, stop giving it away for free, this is the toplessness we don’t want to see.

I DID NOT CONSENT TO THIS….and thus feel RAPED by it.

If I was rich, I’d sue. Since I’m not, she’ll probably sue.


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