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Camila Cabello Crop Top of the Day

I am a firm believer that the system is rigged, that the famous people who become famous are 95% of the time groomed, trained or positioned to be famous….sure the occasional person may slip through the cracks but the origin stories we read are all manufactured fucking lies….

So when I see people like Camila Cabello, who is known to have been an illegal refugee from Cuba who just happened to end up on a talent show that made her stupid famous, since those talent show auditions never plant people in to launch their careers, I think about all the rich, equally talented, hotter, definitely fitter bitches who spent their lives training to get a record deal, taking the best singing and dance and music classes, even rocking some raw talent, becasue talent doesn’t just go to Cuban refugees….and those people don’t make it….you gotta ask yourself what lab she was created in, what organization brought her in, it just doesn’t make sense.

I feel the same way about Rihanna..

Why would some 14 year old from Barbados who could probably not afford a flight out of Barbados end up the top billionaire popstar…with mediocre talent.

It just doesn’t make sense……

What I am saying is Camila Cabello is not hot enough, talented enough, or interesting enough to be worthy of top tier fame, yet she’s got it. CONSPRIACY.


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