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Taylor Swift Sluts it Up of the Day

Here’s piece of shit Taylor Swift, the scam of scams, who managed to manipulate the minds of young girls everywhere with her simple lyrics for their simple minds. I doubt she even writes the songs, but really, they aren’t that impressive so it is possible…

I will say that seeing her in her World Economic secret society looking robe that Satan himself has been seen wearing, now that he’s a meme while destroying society, humanity, the world as a whole…was icing on the cake of “she’s obviously only famous to push an agenda to the youth”…..

I figured she was going to a child sacrifice event, maybe a spirit cooking event, some weird sex party…..you know satanic elite shit…

Turns out, she’s been given an honorary doctorate or something from some college to remind you that the education system is a fucking joke, corrupt and into clickbait…..

That’s just the cover story, this robe has to be for her satanist sex cult for the elites….it would explain the tight dress and slut shoes…wouldn’t it….

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