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January Jones in her Panties of the Day

I am a pervert, dudes, I’ll sexualize a fucking picture of a woman from the 1800s, I’ll sexualize a woman who looks like she was born in the 1800s, I’ll sexualize a pile of dog shit if it looks a little like a vagina, I’ll sexualize a mound of snow if it looks like a tit….I will stick my dick in a sand castle, I’ll stick my dick in old spaghetti and close my eyes and visualize something with tits….

So with that in mind, January Jones has got to give it a rest….

This bitch is so insecure, despite having made money, despite having worked in the industry at a level most never will but many want, she has fucked important people, she has been jerked off to by fans….

So when she puts up her panties to show off her knee injury from being old as shit and her knees giving out before the hip replacement….

It’s a level of desperate, lame, trying too hard, that totally takes away from an old actress bitch in her panties.

I don’t mind looking at the panties, but I am annoyed by them, I guess things aren’t black and white, but her vagina could be from all the use….like an old tire just trying not to explode…..

Then there’s the face filter to make her look like an anime or a 10 year old, both fucking weird, disgusting and representative of how weird our society is…

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