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January Jones Still Trying Hard in a Bikini of the Day

Industry superstar that no one really gives a fuck, but who got herself an instagram, so that she can be like the other bitches no one gives a fuck about, and post salacious pics of their tits to get the attention they feel they deserve, even in their 40s, January Jones, the single mother who never revealed to the world who her baby daddy is, but we assume it’s Jason Sudeikis or someone else who pays her to shut the fuck up, probably more lucrative than her acting career, since she hasn’t really done anything since Mad Men, but use her tits on social media to remind you that she has tits, which even when her old face is erased or buffed out by filters, like an old car about to be sold at auction, is a good thing cuz of tits.

This old lady bikini is likely not age appropriate, but if a set of tits wants to be half naked with the tits out for the internet, we would be assholes to not jerk off to them or at least sexualize them by leaving comments that will definitely not get you invited to her birthday party on her feed, because she’s obviously feeling down on herself and nothing a little “nice tits” or “burry me with those tits”…..or “mama” won’t fix!


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