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Camila Cabello Bikini Dance

Camila Cabello just happens to be a Cuban girl born in communism, who just happened to come over to America, probably illegally, since she was born into communism, which all these woke libtards think is an awesome system to live under, even though they don’t leave the resort when they go to Cuba on their cheap all inclusive vacations, assuming they take time away from TWITTER, which I don’t…..

So yeah, Cuban girl just randomly becomes part of a trending girl’s band, only to have her own solo career, before getting herself fat as shit, since she was a tiny thing when she started, owning the fatness, because she’s empowered or paid, or bought, or manufactured and this is her propagandizing to the youth, half naked, small titty and THICC!

I’ll assume some of you find it hot, the whole latin roots booty shaking almost overpowers the 20 pounds of being overweight, but it’s just making me hungry for a CUBANO sandwich, those are good, and I don’t mean her Shawn Mendes, likely not eaten pussy, but that’s a Cubano sandwich too!


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