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January Jones Lace Cleavage of the Day

As someone who didn’t watch Mad Men, I don’t give a fuck about January Jones. You know how this celebrity witch craft works, they play a character in a show that you’re into because your actual life sucks, so you think sitting on the couch and watching a bunch of overpaid assholes play pretend for you as a mechanism to tell you stories, that has a bit more production value than a podcast, but is usually just as fucking mindless and boring, but it’s way easier than actually reading because imagining characters is hard on the brain.

So yeah, they lure you in with their tits on the show you like and you are forever engaged by their behavior and what they are up to, like they jerking off to them decades later is some sort of pat on their back or message to the universe that may land you up inside them one day, even though the chances of that are few and unlikely….but you’re allowed to dream of impossible situations instead of dreaming of realistic things that can improve your life immediately.

ANYWAY, all I see is an old single mom, using her tits on her skinny enough frame for some attention as her neck melts away and her face is run through apps and filters giving it an almost gently erased look, it’s the internet, why have HD wrinkles in this vapid and empty world.

I also see the tits, in lace, which is what this is about, so some tits in lace on a pretty uninspiring Hollywood cum dumpster….

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